The Flower of Life is a figure in sacred geometry that is made up of overlapping circles in six-fold symmetry, it looks like a hexagon made of circles. It is the physical representation of the connections that we feel to all living things. It is a sacred symbol found in nearly every culture on the planet and is believed to represent the cycle of growth of a fruit tree from seed to fruit bearing tree. The Flower of Life is a representation of the divine that exists inside of you. It connects us all individually into a giant web of life, light, and energy. As a single cell inside your mother’s womb you began to divide, moving through many of the forms in sacred geometry until you developed into a fully functioning human. You still carry those divine forms in every cell of your body. You are a miracle! You were born from the divine, it can never leave you. Never forget that you are the divine in physical form. 


No doubt is a a sacred porwerful symbol to wear!



- No Nickel

- No harmful Lead

- It won't rust

- It wont't change colour

Flower of Life