*The stone of Truth*

This is a stone that has strong metaphysical properties to protect you from negativity.

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass. It occurs when lava is cooled rapidly. When the lava hardens rapidly, there is no time for any crystalline structure to be formed.

Black obsidian has been around since the prehistoric times. It was used to make arrowheads, spear points, and other cutting tools.When you are surrounded by the healing energies of black obsidian, you will be able to see the truth without having to take sides. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind, discharging confusion and constricting beliefs, and encourages exploration of the unknown.

When you have black obsidian with you, you will be more grounded and focused.


                             TRUTH  PROTECTIONSELF- POWER



CHAKRA(S): Third Eye / Solar Plexus / Root

Obsidian Arrowhead

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