The Golden ratio...

also appears in all forms of nature and science.

Phi is a number that has astounded experts in many fields, for centuries..and quite possibly tens..Hundreds of thousands of years.

This pattern, along with it’s mathematical ratios and proportions, can also be found in harmonics, music, light, and especially in the eccentric beauty of the cosmos. This absolute calculation can even be found in what we consider “ancient” history.

  • Proportions within the human body and animals
  • Plants
  •  DNA
  • The Solar System
  • Music
  • Art
  • Religious texts
  • Ancient artifacts and architecture

To explain the Golden Ration we would need all time in history for such a Sacred diagram that explain the creation of the microcosm and macrocosm.


Wearing the Golden Ratio: A symbol of universal harmony, creativity and balance, the golden ratio remains legendary. 


Feel divine with the Golden Ratio Spiral design.


- Very light weight

 No Nickel

- No harmful Lead

- It won't rust

- It wont't change colour

- Spiral hook





-Dimensions L3.3cm

Golden Ratio (Phi)

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